PreArm:Throttle too high

Newbie here, having throttle too high PreArm error. I searched, but can’t figure out what is going on, checked FS_THR_VALUE and it’s set to 925 with no avail. Any direction with this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Did you calibrate your RC in mission planner?

Yes. I have recalibrated my Herelink RC several times. Just at a loss with what is giving me the error.

Are there any thresholds I need to adjust?


No, but you do need to move the throttle stick down in order to arm.

@amilcarlucas If I hold down the throttle to arm, this should clear the prearm FS threshold error? Sorry I’m advance, new to the hobby.

Yes, your throttle value on arming should be close to 1000 and yaw value close to 2000 I think, disconnect the battery, connect only USB and in mission planner radio calibration tab put the arming stick combination and look at the values! If needed, recalibrate RC by clicking a button in there and moving the sticks to the extreme positions while battery disconnected of course!


If you’re arming from a button on HereLink (which has a sprung throttle so it will naturally return to the middle) then you’ll probably need to hold the throttle down while you push the button at least while arming in Stabilize and Acro where the pilot directly controls the throttle. I think you won’t see this error if you arm in AltHold, Loiter, PosHold.

I have not configured my Herelink to arm with a button yet, will have to look into this.

Can I config stabilizing arming in the AUTO_OPTIONS?

Thanks in advance!

Solved! After several failed ESC recalibration attempts, I was able to perform a successful calibration from Mission Planer. Can’t tell you I did anything different, but now my copter arms and works as designed.

Thanks everyone for the assistance!


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