Prearm:internalerror 0*800

Yesterday I used raspberry pie as a PX4 radio, and then my Mission Planner got this error. I used three PX4s to connect to this computer, and the planner got the same error and couldn’t connect.
But when I connected to the PX4 with other computers, it worked perfectly.
Is the network configuration of The Mission Planner wrong?
PS: When I switch the connection mode to AUTO, the baud rate is automatically switched to 9600.
PX4 can connect and transmit data, but still prompts the same error.

Which MP version? Which Arducopter FW version?

And BTW PX4 is a firmware. Pixhawk is an hardware. I think you meant Pixhawk or Cube on you post above.

MP: 1.3.72
Firmware:Arducopter Fmu v3 4.0.1
Hardware:pixhack v3+
I had a wrong word,PX4. It is pixhack v3+.

  1. Update to the latest beta Mission planner.
  2. Update to Arducopter FW 4.0.4-rc2
  3. Retry