PreArm : heater temp low

t’s a message that came up as the weather got colder. What temperature would FC have this kind of notification?

If it’s a Cube, the default is 40°C, and unless it’s very cold, the heater should bring it up to temp after a few minutes.

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It’s the temp defined in the BRD_HEAT_TARG param: Complete Parameter List — Copter documentation which is intended to get the board to a stable temperature in order to get better sensor performance. If it’s so cold that it’s taking a long time to reach that temp, what usually works is using a USB battery pack to power the FC whilst you’re getting everything else set up. You can lower the target temp, but you need it to be above the temperature that it will naturally get to - the circuit is heating only, not cooling, so above steady state means that it will naturally cool if necessary.


I’m using an orange cube. How low does this happen when the temperature outside is?

At -5c I feel like it took about 10 minutes on a Cube Orange that was not protected at all from the wind. If it’s at least sheltered from the wind it should be quicker, but it’s still going to be longer than in warmer weather.

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