Prearm failures for Barometer and Accelerometers

I’m consistently getting two concurrent PreArm failures from my Cube:

PreArm: Accels Inconsistent
PreArm: Barometer not healthy

These errors have never shown up before: I have calibrated my accels previously and my baro never gave me any trouble. The only change has been it undergoing daily testing in a high-vibration environment. Has anyone seen these errors before or knows what to do about them?


I have attached a log here for reference:

I’ve observed that one accelerometer (ACC1) differs from the other two by around 1 m/s/s. Also, it seems like the baros are giving me data, so I’m not sure why they’re reporting as unhealthy.

Found the problem! The accelerometers had to be re-calibrated, perhaps the constant vibration threw them off. The barometer health issue seems to be due to a conflict with the UAVCAN library, still figuring that out - but it’s not a hardware issue it seems.