Prearm checks on vehicles taking-off from moving ships and cars

I have noticed that there seem to be very few people taking off and landing drones on ships or cars.I have tested power on ships and land vehicles, but I cannot pass the self check, What is the solution? The unstable undulations on the ship mainly caused the accelerometer self test to fail,The metal shell of a car can also cause magnetic compass interference.

Just read up on boat mode, which fixes it.
Then disable compass arming check on a known working machine on a ship, take off manually and EKF will soon figure things out, doing autoland on magnetic ship wont be an issue.
Then you have the option to skip compass completely, and use dual GPS for Yaw.

Its more than a few that do that, but they did the research :grinning:

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Thank you very much for your answer. I have reviewed the relevant instructions according to your instructions.The problem has been resolved