PreArm check: Compasses inconsistent... Always

Ok, I’m trying to calm down and VERY glad i found this forum!

I have just completed a PixHawk Tricopter build and it is be-utiful! i have built several other simpler quads and Tri’s so this is not all new to me but this is my first 3DR build. Everything seems awesome however i cannot for the life of me get my compasses calibrated to be “Consistent” my GPS module is not 3DR it is an m8n ublox unit from Ready to fly quads so the compass requires that the compass be set with: ROTATION_ROLL_180 however if i calibrate the compass with this set or not i get the same compasses inconsistent rearm check error.

Is there a way to test to see if my electronics are damaged? i am on a mac and using APM Planner 2.0 i have calibrated my compasses atlas 50 times in the past 4 days. i did get the thing to arm once and did a test flight in my basement and it flew great for a few minutes. then the next day i was planning to have an outdoor main and could not arm due the compass inconsistency.

What information can i provide in order to see if the issue is me, my electronics or the gods conspiring against me!

I can get you logs or whatever would be pertinent.




So i physically rotated my GPS module 180 degrees and it is working properly though the wires are now coming out of the front… however making that change in the Pixhawk software gave me inconsistent compasses.

How can that be? shouldn’t the software setting “yaw 180” be the same as physically rotating the thing 180 degrees?

Also i see in the software that there is not a selection for Yaw 180 and roll 180 or am i crazy?

Thank you!

Is there a “Pitch 180°”?

I believe “Roll 180° + Yaw 180°” would be equivalent to “Pitch 180°”.