PreArm: AHRS: waiting for home

I can’t arm my drone because of this error. What does it mean? I’m using a Cube Black and controlling it with a raspberry pi.


It means that even though there is a GPS 3D Fix it is not good enough quality (the position is still wandering) to set a home position.
You have to make sure there is clear view of the sky, check the HDOP and number of Satellites.
You might have to limit the number of constellations with:
so the GPS unit is not overwhelmed.

Is there a way to disable this PreArm for now? I am inside and just want to test some things with the propellers off before I take it outside.

then set it back to
when done with basic tests. I dont advise flying with anything other than ARMING_CHECK,1
If you also have
you would have to set
and set it back after testing.


I am also facing the same issue,
my drone was flying well, suddenly today when I am trying to arm it, its give me the above error msg,
I am under clear sky
waited for around 10min also
I have 28sats and 0.6HDOP

also IMUs are not using GPS, which is generally shown in messages tab as “IMU0 using GPS”

Can someone help me what could be the problem

thank you

Do you used CRTK 2 HP ?

Yes, I am using CUAV CRTK 2HP

I too had this same kind of issue on my drones same prearm error randomly taking place.

How did you solved it?,…

Still finding solution not able to solve at all.

Try to arm it in altHold and tn disarm it and then reboot the FC, it might work, but not always