Pre-programmed flights, Google Earth maps, Topo Maps

With Andropilot can you pre-program a shape (say a straight line of a predetermined length, bearing and altitude or a circle of a predetermined radius and altitude) and gimbal tilt at points along the shape. Then when you want to use it you power-on your smartphone, and with a few simple touch the app takes the current GPS coordinate and automatically launch a flight to fly the chosen shape (with the chosen parameters and centered around your current GPS coordinates).

For a specific example, let say plan to go on a forest road and want the copter to fly above that road back and forth to film your vehicle. Ie in the direction of the road at altitude x, then when it reaches a certain point turn around and fly toward you, above you and then behing you (all above the road at a specified altitude and gimbal tilt) until it reaches another point and turn around and repeat. When your vehicle arrive at the chosen location you power-on your smartphone and quickly launch that automated flight.

It would be a nice bonus if there is a follow-me option would update the location of your smartphone in the automatic flight pattern so that it flies back and forth above your vehicle while your vehicle is in (slow) motion. And still adjust the tilt of your gimbal a few times to frame your vehicle better in the camera.


Is there RC transmitters/remote controls that can be linked to your smartphone and store the latest GPS coordinates of the copter, so that if a failure happen you can input this coordinate into your Garmin GPSr and find your copter quickly.

Can the current GPS location of your smartphone update the “return to home” function of the autopilot?

I would use this app in locations where no cellular reception is available. I also wonder if you could use Andropilot with downloaded google earth pictures used as maps or with DEM topo maps.

Thank you

2nd edit: removed specific device details for now after Stefan’s reply that OTG might be needed. If absolutely needed I’ll carry another smartphone with OTG.

Jeps, it is. No OTG = no telemetry radio and with telemetry radio no talking of your device to the UAV.

Jeps, it is. No OTG = no telemetry radio and with telemetry radio no talking of your device to the UAV.[/quote]

Is there any telemetry radio that can connect to an android via bluetooth or Wifi? Else I guess I could use a wireless media hub? I’ve been using Mediashair to connect USB hard drives, SD card readers, etc to my android and so far it works very well. So I could connect the telemetry radio in the wireless hub, and I would need andropilot to access it. Not sure if that would require information exchange with the mediashair app.

I just read

Really hoping to use Andropilot but I quickly realized that although it works over bluetooth serial via telemetry, it doesn’t work directly with the otg cable. Droid planner connects over both bluetooth and the otg cable. [/quote]

in another thread so I’m a bit confused right now :confused:

I leave the mediashare stuff for Kevin because that’s beyond my knowledge.
It is technically possible to hack a telemetry radio and an ebay bluetooth serial module together but that’s a DIY solution which might work or not and requires at least basic electronic skills.