Pre-flight Calib using Tx

Hi, I intend to upgrade from 3.3.3 to the latest stable client.

In MP, prior to flight, I always use the Action/PreFlight-Calibration prior
to take-off. My understanding is, for one, that this is to set the zero altitude (landing) point. Is this correct?

Is there an alternative for doing this, eg via the Tx sticks or what option?


Hi Gerhard,

There is no need to that action before flying, even in 3.3.3. Some calibrations, like accel and compass, have to be done once and never again (unless you get an error saying so). Other calibrations, like gyro and baro, are done automatically on boot.

Thanks Francisco,
I am happy to hear this.

Currently I am using a telemetry radio tx/rx to get the PixHawk flight info eg Satt/Alti/BattV etc on MP. I would like to port these params
Satt/Alti/BattV to my Taranis X9D+X8R rcvx
using the Taranis telemetry channel, I hope :slight_smile:

I will read-up on how to implement.

Anyway, thanks!!


I’ll leave you with a link to our wiki regarding FrSky telemetry:

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Thank you very much for the info and link

I use Craft and Theory Flight Deck.

Basically plug and play.