Pre-arm error "Heli motors checks failed" with SITL and RealFlight

Good evening, I would like to use SITL with Realflight and the model Raptor 720 flightaxis, but MP give me the pre-arm error “Heli motors checks failed”. I did not change any parameters of default. Somebody can help me?
Thank you

You have to download both the raptor model and the Params from GitHub. Here is a link to the GitHub folder where you can download them

Yes Bill, I have downloaded both of files, and I use those in SITL.

The easiest thing to do would be to set the log_disarmed parameter to 1 and restart the simulation. Try to arm to let it log the pre arm error.
Stop the simulator and post the file here.

interested in subject.

I made how you said. Here you are the log.
Thank you

If you want to get flying quickly, here are the parameters that you will need to change


This would be for non 3D flight. You would have to make additional changes to do 3D flight

Let me know if you have any issues


Thank you Bill, can you explain me the meaning of the changes so that I learn?