PPM input signal on a OUTPUT Channel

Hi, I’m not seeing that option on Autopilot Output Functions — Copter documentation
Is it possible?

Why you are not using the regular PPM/SBUS input?
Athough I never used it, serial ports can be configured RCIN=23 for receiver input.
But it says,

ArduPilot firmware releases 4.0 and later, any UART RX input will auto-detect all the protocols (except PPM), if the serial port protocol is set to 23 (for example SERIAL2_PROTOCOL for the TELEM2 UART is used).

You can give it a shot.

Don’t understand the question for SERVOn_FUNCTION

I’m connecting PPM output from my Receiver to PPM input of pixhawk.
But it would be useful for me to have the same PPM signal on a RC output on the pixhawk. Is it possible on a easy (some parameter/configuration) way?


Well yea, you could use Passthru (1:same input/output channel) or RCINx (51-66: whatever input channel you want for that output).

and what about the complete PPM signal? not individual channels.

Perhaps you should explain what you are trying to do. Depending on the Flight Controller there are options for Sbus out either with a dedicated pin or a Serial Port.

And what about a simple Y cable ?


That would be too simple :grinning:


They don’t teach us this at school :slight_smile:

:rofl: Yeap, Just like loading stacks !

I spend my days trying to make things simpler, sometimes it works …


you are right, a simple Y cable do the job.