PPM and Sbus at the same time


im looking to use both PPM and SBus simultaneously, i require PPM to control the OEM motherboard as normal with the Flysky Fsia10b , controlling Lights hoppers and other onboard items… (8 channels max) and the Sbus to control my Pixhawk … with 2 x servo outputs for ESC’s. my question is how do i set this up in mission planner and assign channel to either ppm or sbus


there is already ppm and sbus from the flysky ,which i have used can these be used at the same time

Use two of those devices, each with the individual servo signals you want.

I don’t fully understand the configuration but it might be possible to use a regular PPM input to the autopilot and then use the ArduPilot’s SBUS output feature along with RC passthrough to then send what the autopilot received through RC input as-is on some of the output channels via SBUS output to the motherboard.

Hi all ,

Just to let you Know how i eventually tried the setup…
I had the Fsi10B receiver with PPM out and Sbus out leads…
Ppm to the OEM boat Board
Sbus to the Minipix
Minipix servo 1 & 3 to the ESC’s (disconnected servo leads from oem board)

All works great… im maintaining Lights and hoppers etc with the ppm input of the board and able to controll the ESC,s with ardupilot…