Powering up in several steps?


I have been wondering if it should be convenient to power up the planes and multicopters (6S) in two steps because of the spike from connecting the first battery. I use Amass Anti-spark XT90-connectors and there is a spark-sound when connecting. I also uses 4-6 220uF capacitors. This is on twin-motor planes and hexacopters/octacopters using 6S 10000 LiPos (one or more).

Is there a chance of frying any electronics such as UBEC, BEC, Backup-BEC, high voltage-sensor, retractable landing gear electronics, Pixhawk 2.1, current-sensors, sensor hubs, … that I use?

I was wondering if I should be using double magnetic switches after the PDB that I can turn ON after PDB is powered up with one or more LiPos that I connect? Maybe the electronics in the magnetic switches dont like it either. Maybe there is some good switches that could be used that dont give up like they do in RC-planes.

How do you do?

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No one using switches after powering up PDB?

Now I use one switch after power up, and that is the switch for the Futaba CA-RVIN-700 to the Futaba-receiver for measuring external high voltage (6S) when using Mauch Sensor Hub alarm.

But I have skipped using other startups, it works as is. Thanks anyway.