Powering pixhawk

i have an apm 2.8 board powered by the bec esc is possible to do the same on the pixhawk or do i need to use the power module ? i really prefer to use the power thru the esc bec as i am not conecting servos or nothing it keeps a cleaner build hope someone can help i want to buy the pixhawk but i dont want any surprises when in time to connect everything to the quad thanks

Maybe a little light reading will help -

copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common … e-pixhawk/

i only use candles mark but thanks for you being so nice i have already read but i have some doubts as English is not my native language i don t want to misunderstand something and then have problems my doubt is if i can only power the pixhawk thru the esc bec and have the switch button working that way also is just that my doubt appreciate any help i have rc models for almost 25 years now and with planes and cars in rc groups and other places people usually are nice but maybe my impression but people here are not so dispose to help but maybe is only my impression from my part i am always ready to help thanks best regards to all good flights

This forum can be very quiet, it’s nothing personal. It may also be that people don’t know the answer to your question, I know there is a lot of questions asked that baffle me lol

The Pixhawk can be powered off the servo rail but you MUST fit a zener diode as well.

[quote]Powering/backup off the servo rail
Pixhawk can be powered off the servo rail instead of from a power module. This is achieved by connecting a 5V BEC (with or without a servo) to a power (+) pin and a ground (-) pin of the “MAIN OUT” or “AUX OUT” pins. You must also add a Zener diode (part number 1N5339) to condition the power across the rail and restrict it to less than 5.7V.[/quote]

Just fit the zener diode backwards, the + of the diode goes to the - of the power rail and the - of the diode goes to the + of the power rail.