Powering Pixhawk 2 through I2C output

Hi all,

We just bought an copter base on ardupilot and we have just realized that the servo rail is powered through the I2C port, the I2C cable straight to the servo rail. As far as I know the servo rail must me power from the PDB through a 5V BEC.
Is it safe to fly like this? It seems to me this is some kind of trick.

Thanks in advance.

Not a trick, but an idiocy…
Indeed servo rail must be powered from a BEC or from ONE ESC BEC. But only if you need power for any equipment on the rail.

Thanks for the answer Andras,

Yes I need it to power the camera trigger and more. Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, powering the Pixhawk through the servo rail with a BEC from PDB or motor BEC is a good idea for safety reasons even though I don’t use any servo to feed from servo rail. What I mean is, what happen if in flight I loose power from the power module in any way and don’t have power from servo rail?
I would definitely loose the copter. But if I power the Pixhawk from the servo rail as well then I would continue my flight with no problem. Is this correct?

But in this case having the power from the I2C I’m missing the chance to have redundant power in my Pixhawk and I would loose the copter for sure. In my opinion this is the real problem, SAFETY. Is this correct?


Exactly.Getting the redundant power from the primary one, is like a power extension cord plugged into itself…


Is there capacitor in the housing? Why is the LED still lit up when its cord plugged into itself?

The electricity is circulating around in a circle!

will that work for my tesla model 3?

Unfortunately it has the wrong connectors

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