Powering on pixhawk cube orange plus VTOL on shaking ships result in "EKF error"


[1] Symptom
I powered on my VTOL on moving ships with lots of pitching and rolling.
there was “PreArm : GPS[2] For yaw not available” error.
with QHover mode.
usually, with the error message I could arm, but this time I couldn’t arm.
I turned off many arming checks and there was another message :
“PreArm : AHRS : EKF3 yaw inconsistent by 138 deg”
I couldn’t fly my copter until ship stops.
after ship stops, there was no error message and I rechecked all arming checks and could fly

[2]other information
Ship’s speed : 13kts(about 6m/s, 26km/h?)
Ship’s rolling, pitching degree : unknown, but not too hard
the sky was very clear. there was no obstructions. it was very wide open sea.
only ship’s mast blocked GPS antenna, but it was very little part.
and I believe it is not problem because if ship stops moving it was armable and taking off.
the problem is ship’s moving.
Similar experience : near the tall building I experienced similar symptom. and that time yaw was rotating right after taking off. but that time there was no EKF error and it was armable. but now I can’t arm. and I’m worrying about it rotating very hard after taking off.
I’m planning to use VTOL on moving shaking ships.

[3] VTOL Specifications
3200mm wingspan
pixhawk cube orange +
two gps for yaw : CUAV C-RTK2 9PS

[4] Parameters :
I enabled boat mode(set INS_GYR_CAL to 0)

[5] Logs :
Sorry, I have no logs. after 10 days I can get a log but this symptoms are generated before the copter is armed. so maybe logs are not available.
I can reproduce this error later.

Did you enable boat mode?

Yes you can refer to article [4]