Powered supply Power 2


I received my first Pixhawk2.
I have a ESC with a BEC 5v, 1.5A and I wanted to know if we can feed Power 2 with?

I ask the question, because I know that on Pixhawk 1, you can not, but I use Dropix from Drotek regularly and we can install a second power supply like that.

Yes, the Power 2 port is intended to be used as a backup power source. If Power 1 fails, then Power 2 will continue to supply the Pixhawk2.

Thank you for your answer, but what I would like to know is if it can directly feed Power 2 with the Ubec of an ESC that supplies both Power 2 and the servo rail?

That would be a bad idea. Servo rails are notoriously noisy on their voltages, and you really don’t want that voltage noise getting to your flight controller.

OK, thanks for your answer.

I will install a separate UBEC.