Power1, Power2 and Current Sensing on an Octo

I have this power distribution board for 8 motors: http://www.holybro.com/manual/PM07-Quick-Start-Guide.pdf

It has a Power1 and Power2 port for connecting to the flight controller, which in my case is the Pixhawk 4 Mini. The Pixhawk 4 Mini only has one power port, while the Pixhawk 4 standard has Power1 and Power2.

I have read that Power1 and Power2 are used as redundant power supplies, but what about current sensing for each motor? If I only connect Power1 to the Power port on the Pixhawk 4 Mini, will I get all 8 motor currents? Or will I only get readings on 4 motors, and have to land and connect to Power2 to get readings on other 4 motors?

The PM07 has only 1 current sensor for everything, so you’ll be fine.

The same current reading (and voltage reading) is reported to both Power1 and Power2 interface.
Only the 5volts DC (Vcc) is redundant, so theoretically you could use the Power2 5v to supply some additional item like a telemetry radio, provided the current rating is OK

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