Power to Mass ratio

Good day all

If I could ask an opinion …

I have a 450 frame , 2213 920kV motor , 9450 carbonfiber props 4S battery. And I have
loaded some more weight to take it to 1500g take-off-weight.

Here are some values from the logs:
(doing a hover) in stabalise mode

CTUN TH0 0.35 ( docs refer to 30% as the limit )
RCIN ( C3 ) mean 1479
RCOUT (mean)
C1 1654
C2 1653
C3 1550
C4 1549

( I see the CW values differ from the CCW values ?? mmmmm … I shall worry about
that later…)

I do not have formal specs of the thrust of the motor/prop combination but if I work with
a value of in the region of 800-950 g/motor ( I am guessing this based on the tables
for the motor with other props ) … then it means I am somewhere between
2 and 3 : 1 power to mass ratio.

Would I be wrong in feeling comfortable with these figures ?

many thanks

Yes, these numbers are right. If you feel that your quad is a little bit overpowered, you can always try to install a bigger battery. I make predesign numbers with 2.5. Then, as I like to add many sensors to my copters, they get some heavier and I fly around 2.3.

If your CCW motors work harder, maybe you have a small motor/propeller tilt or misalignment. If you can fix it, your motors will have more margin for maneuvering.

Many thanks for your response Andres.

Always good to hear which numbers other people are using : in your case 2.5.
Some docs that I have read , suggests 2 but it always felt that something closer to 3 would
be safer.

I shall consider your comment about the CCW motors working harder. The motors are
hard-mounted so there shouldn’t be any tilt because of any mountings. But I can check if the
frame itself is 100% level. The frame itself is fairly rigid.

Thanks for your time.