Power system question? Please Help

Hi Everyone

When I bout the Gear for my quadcopter ( Motors and esc’s and so on) I thout I had red enough and knew much about it!! But soon I found out that this was not the case at all, and I had use alot of Money and I maybe could have done better if I had ask one of you WHO knows more than me. So that Is what I try to do before I do anything stupet…

         My Power system on my quadcopter is rated at 4S !!! :frowning:
   But my motors are rated at 4-8 Lipo S's ( I have tried powering them with 3S and they were really slow)
 I have removed the Jumper "JP1" on the board My esc's are ""Linear"" so I can Connect all the lines to the Board without worrying about Burning something.

So my question is. If I want to supply the Motors with more Lipo S’s( Volts ) I have to remove the Power Module " PM " and Connect the Jumper JP1 back Again and just go with 6 lipo S’s right?

        I mean No matter how many lipo cells I am driving with as long as the Motors and the esc's can take it, it doesnt Heart the Board as long as my esc's are Linear ones right ?

                       Thank you for your help in advance

It would be nice to know what motors you have. Motors are rated by Kv. So a 850Kv motor will spin at 850 RPM per 1 volt of power. I’m thinking you have the wrong motors for your Quad and you may have to convert it to a Helicopter instead.