Power supply by generator

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Could you share your experience regarding the possibility of cooperation between the adrucoper and the power supply through the generator. I mean the possibility of transmitting telemetry (voltage, current, status, etc.) or controlling the generator itself. The documentation shows that there should be GEN_TYPE parameters, but they is not in version 4.0.7. There is possible parameter to be displayed in telemetry (gen_xx) so something was done on this topic in the code. You can also set BATT_MON to Generator.

The generator code is in the 4.1 betas, you’ll need to upgrade your firmware to that to use it.

You’ve probably already found these wiki pages re generators but just in case…

Yes, I saw this but there is no such parameter like GRANT_TYPE > FW4.0.7 so I can’t check described functionality.


OK. Copter-4.1.0 is in beta testing and can be downloaded using MP or QGC’s beta firmwares link (or button) on the install firmware page. In 4.1.0-betaX you should find a GEN_TYPE parameter.