Power profile calculation


I have a request to find out the power profile of a typical flight using my X8 copter (Watt over time curve). Since I cannot find this information from the log analysis, I assume I have to calculate this manually. So assuming to use simple equation Watt = Volt * Ampere I could possibly get this profile right from my V/A log data ? Would it be possible to update log recording FW code for this W parameter so that I don’t have to calculate this manually each time ?



I’m not sure you understand that every bit of data captured takes up limited space that we have. Since Watts can be calculated from existing data why would they want to capture this data (which is derived from two existing values) and store it?

I’d recommend that you extract the data into a spreadsheet and calculate the (V*I) Watts. That way it’s calculated automatically and doesn’t take up any additional storage space.