Power modules cross compatible

Hi all

Hope you can help, i currently have a minipix with power module, are the power modules cross compatible with say pixhawk 6c , or would i need to purchase a Pm06 or Pm 02 say…

Power modules typically have a voltage divider to produce 3.3V max for voltage and a current shunt or hall effect sensor that produces a voltage equivalent of current to 3.3V max. So, if that works with your flight controller then you are good.

Thankyou sir, appreciate the reply i wasn’t sure if they were Model specific…


just thought i would add my findings . the MIni pix Power module i have does not power the 6C…
i am using a PM07 module without issue

Most Regular PM are analog devices.
However, FC’s like the Pixhawk6x require a digital PM - so analog won’t work.
( There are signal converters you could use but that that’s where it gets messy)
Also in large drone application special high current PM’s are used. The signal provided is often based on the much higher battery voltage. Those wouldn’t provide very detailed information on regular drones as the relationship between voltage, current compared to the signal provided isn’t good in those scenarios.

You can use an analog power module with a 6C which he asked about. At least according to HolyBro.
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