Power Module in Pixhawk 4

Hi everyone, right now I’m planning on building a big plane in order to carry a camera setup. Because of the weight I plan on using a big motor with the corresponding ESC with the voltage of 18.5V - 55.5V and the current being 300A, after reading through the documents I found that I could use wire shunts in order to use the proper current for my ESC without having problems with the power module. Do you guys reckon issues might appear? Or if there are flaws with the design I currently have? Thanks in advance

I was going to say I definitely wouldn’t be doing that for flight - but in reality it probably means your current measurement through the power brick wont be accurate, and the external shunts will carry the current even if the power module has trouble.
Mauch https://www.mauch-electronic.com/apps/webstore/ have 100 and 200 amp current sensors. If you can divide your battery into 2 or 3 packs then you can run a pack through each sensor and measure their current accurately using a Sensor Hub.

From what I read in the documents I saw that I could calibrate the monitor in order to know exactly the state of the battery. My major concerns are frying something, or not having throttle control

Yes you can calibrate the current sensor to suit

Thanks. I will still make tests with only the components before putting everything into the plane in order to aproximatly know how much flight time Im going to get in the event I get bad measurements.