Power module going up in smoke?

Being I’m running a 6s pack with my Tarot 960 and Pixhawk, the 3DR power module won’t work. So I purchased a Power Module V1.0 for Pixhawk APM2.5 APM2.6 ArduPilot Mega Flight Controller from ebay.

ebay.com/itm/281220147710?_t … EBIDX%3AIT

These are only rated at 90amps and with 6 5010 Foxtech motors with 18" props, it could exceed that. Does that mean it will go up in smoke or that it just doesn’t sense current above 90amps?

It will probably burn out. The max amps are the maximum that the shunt resistor can handle.

That so was not the answer I was looking for lol! Thanks for the heads up though. Unfortunately the power module is buried in in between the Tarot’s 960 frame plates. Probably one the the hardest frames to assemble, this is not going to be fun. So the best option would be a 5v bec and a Attopilot sensor? Too bad 3DR is forgetting about the larger MR’s when it comes to power modules.

Hm, tough luck… But are you sure you could exceed 15A/motor with that drive train? On 6S???

I just checked the motor… To get over 15A you need to demand 3kg of thrust, means, 18kg of thrust for the whole vehicle. WHAT are you carrying? :astonished: :smiley:

It’s unlikely I would go above 15amps, but it will definitely go above that when I do the motor sync test lol! Currently the unit only weight 6.5kg with a photogrammetry payload. Maybe I’ll just bypass the current sensor for the sync test. I already ordered the Attopilot 180 so I’ll eventually swap it out in the next week or so. Thanks for the help!

Got the same question about the power module. I’m building a 6s setup.
Should I get esc with bec outputs just for backup. Seeing alot of opto esc out there.
I’m down to putting motors and esc and that’s it any recommendations for a tarrot 650 ironman quad?