Power Module for Pixhawk 6x with 12s

Hello, I intend to use the Pixhawk 6x for a hexacopter setup with a 12s voltage system. Unfortunatly the power module PM02D that comes with the FC is only suitable for a 6s system (and probably also not suitable for the high current).

Other power modules I found (e.g. MAUCH) that are suitable for this voltage are using analouge signals.
Does anyone have solution for this problem? Maybe an analouge-digital converter could help?

Kind regards

Yes, I did notice that after the release of the 6X.

I think one solution is to buy a suitable Mauch PM and then use a signal converter.

Sorry my mistake. PM02D has a HV version duitable for 12s

Hi, thank you for your reply. Do you have a link? I couldn’t find a HV version?

Holybro made the them so just go to their online store.

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