Power Module for Heavy Hexacopter

I am trying to find an adequate power module for a heavy hexacopter. Its motors are rated at maximum 30A continuous current, but do not state any information in what regards peak current. Since the ESCs are rated at 40A, I am assuming I should expect up to 180A continuous current with up to 240A current peaks.

It will be powered by a 6S battery.

I see most people are using this attopilot board or this Mauch one.

However, looking at the specs I am uncertain if they will fit my needs. What happens with the AttoPilot board if the current goes over 180A? Will the current readings simply saturate, or will it malfunction failing to power the ESCs and/or the flight controller (pixhawk)?
Same question for the Mauch

If those are not suitable, can you please recommend a suitable power module?

Thanks in advance

Go with the Mauch stuff.He does heavy duty too.Look at his website.

Thanks for the recommendatio. I did end up going with Mauch 200A module. I’ll comment here if I experience any problems