Power management board for Pixhawk and currents up to 100 A

Hello everyone! Recently we moved to Pixhawk 6C. Before we used PM02 V3 board for FC power delivery and current & voltage measurement. But recently we moved to bigger drone. It constantly has 60+ amps current and up 80 amps with jumps up to 100 in windy days.
According to spec PM02 V3 is up to 60A of constant current.

Two questions:

  • Are this PM02 V3 specs are realistic or this is overcautiousness ?
  • Can anyone recommend PM board for Pixhawk ? With higher (than PM02) currents

Thank you!

The PM02’s specs are not overcautious, if mounted deep in a drone with zero airflow I’d even say they are too optimistic.

You don’t necessarily need a new module, there is the possibility to extend the current measuring capabilities for your current (pun intended) power module as shown here: Common Power Module - Extending Current Measurement Capacity


Thank you for the feedback a lot! Yes most probably will go with additional wire.