Power loss at skid steering

Hi everyone and especially the genius programmers behind the Ardurover,
first of all, thanks for all your work. I have a question on skid steering and depending on the answer i would like to suggest a modification or offer to prepare a code change myself.

In skid steering mode, while moving, the logic for making a turn seams to slow down one of the motors to do the turn. This automatically reduces the power of the overall system. In my example this causes a problem when going uphill with my tank. So my question is, does the current programming allow the forward moving power to be limited by x% of the maximum and to use the remaining x% for steering while moving. So not to slow one side down to make a turn, but to increase the speed of the other. or even a combination of both, depending on the forward speed (so it can still turn on the spot).


The code mixes throttle+yaw for one side and throttle-yaw for the other. So as long as the throttle is not at max, one side will go faster and the other slower while turning, or forwards and backwards when turning on the spot.