Power APM with both BEC ESC & Power Module

Hi All,

I’m currently having a APM2.6 and is required to use a servo for my camera and I have read the Ardupilot website regarding having a servo requires the 5V and GND to be connected to the Output rail instead of the A(10/11) to prevent noise /brownout when there movement in the servo.

I look through the connection from the APM hardware page regarding the power distribution but I do not have a clear picture as there are no picture to illustrate the words. So I have drawn a figure for the connection.

Can any one tell me if I have gotten the connection right? The links shows my connection


You diagram is exactly correct except for one thing. The Power Module connects only to its input on the APM. You show a yellow arrow going to the left from the Power Module. This is not correct. But the way to are providing power to the output rail is right.

The diagram is correct, the yellow line from the power module would be the lipo power going to the esc’s

I thought that might be the case but didn’t want to assume that’s what the OP meant. He draws it as a direct connection, which it isn’t. And also by drawing it the way he did implies the PM is somehow feeding power to the output rail BEC, which it doesn’t.

Put the letters PDB (power distribution board) on top of that yellow line and it all makes sense.

Noted guys and thanks for the response MarkM & Otherhand.

Yes my Yellow line to the far left is the PDB for the powering of ESC (4connected to motor & 1 for providing BEC power to the output rail) from PDB,

May I ask if how do I check if 1A is enough to provide sufficient current to both servos?