Potentiometer setup for tuning or servo control

Hey guys. First of all, fantastic work putting the APM platform together. After playing with a Phantom for a bit, I put together a custom X6 setup using the APM 2.5 board a lot of wiki reading, and watching some videos, and amazingly enough, it flies. Pretty well even.

Anyway, I was playing around with PID tuning, using the standard tutorial, and not having much luck. I set my potentiometer of choice to channel 6 on the transmitter, set the tuning option to the standard P roll/pitch, and found that, even though I’d calibrated my radio, and in the radio cal screen it showed the potentiometer sweeping over its full range nicely (around 1050 to 1900) and smoothly, the PID settings basically snapped between the lowest and highest settings oddly, right around the midpoint.

Later, playing around trying to get the pot to control a servo, I found similar behavior. I set the servo to be on A10, and activated the manual camera tilt mode (controlled by channel 6), and the servo was jumping all over the place. As I swept the pot through its range, the servo would go from its min to its max multiple times, and each time over a very narrow range. For example, it would be at one end from 1900 to 1700, then sweep through the whole servo range from, say, 1700 to 1680 or so. Then do the same thing again a little further down the dial, then again, etc.

I make sure that the gimbal controls were inactive when playing with PID tuning, and the PID tuning was set to None when playing with the servo. I have an APM 2.5 board loaded with 3.1 firmware. My transmitter is a Turnigy 9x, flashed with er9x firmware. I looked over the er9x configuration, and it’s extremely basic…I’m not doing anything fancy. In the er9x screen, it shows the pot sweeping from -100 to 100 smoothly, and the radio cal screen in mission planner shows the same thing (smooth sweeping across the PWM range).

Any ideas what to try next to narrow down / debug what’s going on? Thanks in advance.

Oops, nevermind. I could have sworn I recalibrated the radio after the last configuration change. But, of course, I must have done it without the potentiometer channel active or something. After another recalibration, the servo is working fine. Still learning how to diagnose problems… :blush: