Potential Power Loss [solved: do not try to fly without props]?

I have an Orange Cube Hex on which I have just changed the dual battery connectors to XT90 Anti-spark and since then I am getting ‘Potential Power Loss’ warnings on motors 3, 4, 6. It seems random which motors the warning relates to and not all three at once. Since the connector change, I have only armed the copter without the props on and raised and lower the throttle and almost always I get the error message.

I have tried looking at the logs to compare the throttle settings vs each motor thrust but not sure how to display the motor thrust or analyse this problem?

The new connectors are close to the Mauch current measurement sensor boards so maybe the heat from the soldering has cooked the board?

I include the latest log file and prior to this I calibrated the ESCs.

If anyone can help with this, I would appreciate it!!!


What is you hover throttle. Is it underpowered?

Of course you will get this message under this circumstance.

@dkemxr very good catch!!!

There could be an entire section in the Wiki written about the value, or lack thereof, of testing on the bench w/o props. I recall the very 1st time I throttled up a quad on the bench w/o props in Stabilize mode and watched the motors slowly run away. Hmm, what about Loiter? Oh, it’s even more chaotic. Then I recalled a very early example of this in my youth as a Test Engineer tuning a loop controller running a servo hydraulic test rig. Under pressure I disconnected the displacement sensor giving position feedback to the system. The cylinder piston shot out at full pressure and destroyed the component (piece of a car frame) it was connected to. You don’t forget those lessons.

Analogy here? No change in accelerometer feedback from the command action triggering the Thrust Loss logic. :grinning:

Closed control loops do not like to be opened up by users. :smiley:

Hi Dave
Thanks for your comments which seem logical. I’ll screw some props on and give it a try. Fingers crossed!