Potential bug with ADSB avoid features in AP3.9.8

Hi everyone!

I am part of the Yonah team and we are currently trying to implement the ADSB avoidance feature onto our quadplane.

I was on SITL to test how well this feature works and what to expect from it. I had set the quadplane to jump between two waypoints indefinitely and simulated 2 virtual ADSB vehicles within a 5000m radius. I had set quadplane to loiter at position when the threat is present and to resume previous flight mode when the threat has passed.

Everything was working as expected for a few minutes. Then, the quadplane suddenly started to drift away from its intended flight path when a virtual ADSB vehicle was flying nearby. The plane repeatedly jumped in and out of ADSB_AVOID mode. As it aggressively changed its target flight path between the next waypoint and Loiter, it slowly drifted away from the flight path. Sometimes, it even ends up following the virtual ADSB vehicle (as shown in the video attached below).

I find this behaviour to be very dangerous as the plane could drift too far away from the waypoints and crash into a tall structure or even the actual ADSB vehicle.

Has anyone else faced this issue? Could it be a bug with the firmware or maybe the way I had set some of the params?

Here are some of the relevant parameters that will give you a picture of what was supposed to happen:

  • AVD_F_ACTION = 6, Hover
  • AVD_F_RCVRY = 1, Resume previous flight mode
  • AVD_F_DIST_XY = 1000m
  • AVD_F_DIST_Z = 2000m
  • SIM_ADSB_RADIUS = 5000m
  • SIM_ADSB_ALT = 500m

Arduplane firmware: 3.9.8

Would love to get any feedback on whats going on. Thank you!

@tridge Would greatly appreciate if you could take a look into this too. Thanks!


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