Possible to use two servos for aileron & elevator?

Hi. I’m using MP with Pixhawk (HKPilot32, 6 ch) and Spektrum DX6i transmitter/Spektrum AR7700 receiver on my aircraft. My aircraft has only ailerons on the main wing. But the aileron and elevator are operated with two servos for each, so total four servos. I don’t have any previous experiences with RC hobby, so I really don’t know how the servos for the aileron and elevator should be hooked up to the Pixhawk. I know usually MAIN OUT pins are used, and the ESC is connected to the pin 3 and the servo for rudder is connected to the pin 4, but what about the other four servos? Pin 1, 2, 5, and 6? If so, how can I configure on MP so that I can use the pin 5 and 6 to operate the servos?


Yes, you can do this in several ways-

  • Using the RCn_FUNCTION in Pixhawk - http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/channel-output-functions.html
    For example - set RC5_FUNCTION to 4 to have your second aileron servo connected to channel 5 output in your pixhawk. similarly, set RC6_FUNCTION to 19 and connect the second elevator servo to channel 6

  • Using a Y harness - http://store.flitetest.com/servo-y-harness/
    Hook up the two servos to the ends of the Y harness, the other end to the pixhawk and you’re done. Make sure to check that the surfaces move in the right direction or you might want to have to use a reverser( not recommended) or mount your servo in the right way.

Have fun!