Possible to use RFD900 as joystick receiver?

Is it possible to control a drone manually where instead of a standard 2.4GHz tx-rx I use the onboard RFD900 module as the receiver? Maybe if there is a way to use Mission Planner (or any other GCS) as a manual joystick?
I hope my doubt is understandable!

Control via RFD900x is possible. You need to go to the “joystick” button on the first tab and set it up as a normal simulator. Not every joystick is suitable for this purpose. Note that not all joysticks are suitable for this, and you also need to remember that there will be a control delay of up to 0.8 seconds through the rfd.
The delay is not critical for aircraft with a span of more than 1 m, for 3D piloting and for copters this is unacceptable