Possible to put in PPM mode without jumping pins 2&3?

I have a weird problem with the controller in one of my CX-20s - it seems the Channel 2 RC Input is not working. I’ve traced it as far as I can on the board hoping to find a poorly soldered pin or something but came up with nothing.

This pretty much makes the board useless because I have no pitch control in PWM and with Pin 2 dead, I can’t jump 2 & 3 to put it in PPM mode.

Hoping to save this board, I’m wondering about a couple different options:

  1. Is there a “software” way to force it in to PPM mode without the jumper?

  2. Is there a way to reassign input channels so I could skip 2 and get pitch on another channel?

  3. Any other options I’m not thinking about before I have to scrap this board?

Well that was easy…I didn’t know it was that simple to remap channels in the parameters list. I pushed pitch to ch 8 and it works perfectly. Sucks that I have to lose an aux. input, but I’ll just use that straight off the RX if I need it.