Possible range problems?

Hey Guys,

I’ve fixed up most of my issues just got 1 left.

I’ve got APM suspended with o-rings, covered the APM’s barometer up and changed a faulty motor which has resolved most of my problems, including RTL working :smiley:

Still got 1 problem though, the quad keeps going into FS mode even when I am just ~20 metres away in the middle of the field.

EDIT: Forgot to add that I am using a friends rx / transmitter as I thought mine was faulty but I am still getting the same connection loss problem.

I had my quad plugged into laptop and transmitter in the house, went for a walk and got ~100metres away before RTL mode kicked in.
Is this normal since the transmitter was in the house?
Is there anyway of seeing in the logs if the FS was triggered as expected or if there were some issues so it went into FS?

–crash1.log and crash2.log
I believe these logs shows the quad going into RTL through FS being triggered.
Could you please assist in analysing these logs to help me figure out why FS was triggered as I was only ~20 metres away.