Possible problem on flight mode selection

Hey guys

Just did a couple of flights with my octo with a pixhawk 2.1 running copter 3.5.1 and a Taranis today, trying to get some data on my RFD900 setup, with some issues, I might ask some help from you on that later.

Channel 5 is stabilize, alt hold and loiter, channel 7 is auto mode

Okay, so first flight in auto with the radio failsafe set to RTL, after a disappointing 900m on Frsky X8R, the drone came back, no issue.

Second one in auto also, Failsafe set to RTL unless auto, after 6 times losing the connection on the RC and no problem, on the 7th, my drone quickly switch from loiter to RTL then auto again.

So I am guessing that in some case the auxiliary function switches are over driven by the standard selector switch and that makes sense because i think PPM is sequential.

What do you think?


Edit : From auto > weirdness > auto, about 2.4 seconds went by, so not sure what to think now…

Ok, I solved it. Now I have 4 flight modes on CH5 including Auto, I did a dozen tests and no more bug.