Possible ESC isssue

New frame build:

500mm Diatone White Sheep frame SunnySky 980kV MkII motors
RCTimer 20A SimonK esc’s
Graupner E Prop 10x5
3DR Pixhawk Mini

I have had over 25+ solid flights, great AutoTuned quad.

The first flight out, looked to be a desync issue, massive roll and near crash. Can anyone please advise/confirm from looking at the log.



Anyone have any advice?

Vibrations go up right before the descent and crash, so something came loose or the vibes are because your motors are oscillating between maximum and minimum just before the crash, the flight controller is trying to maintain control but has no chance of righting itself - I suggest tuning is a big problem, since pitch and roll do not follow desired pitch and roll well at all. Yaw is the only thing that looks OK.

Thank you Sir! I’ll go through it again.