Possible Compass_Piro_ID bug and question regarding using two compasses with different orientation

Hi, i would like to use two external compasses connected over i2c.
Since they use the same DevIDis there a way to make sure that the compasses are always assigned to the same devid_# ?

I tested with one compass and set up prio_id 1 and 2 to the same devid.
What i noticed is that the compass could randomly jump between devid1 and 2 after a reboot.
The orientation of 1 and 2 were setup differently so half of the time the drone would not fly correctly in loiter.
I guess this also could be a bug in the current software ?!

This error can occur as soon as the prio_id of two slots is set to the same value it seems.
On first calibration the compass calibrates correctly on whatever id it happens to be at the time.
On reboot it can then jump to a different slot and with a different orientation set immediately causes erratic behavior after take off in loiter.

If i use two compasses with the same id i guess the same thing can happen ?


Ok i guess i misunderstood how the devid works, if i have two compasses with the same hardware either if i use different i2c adresses it changes the devid, or if i use two different i2c connections it also changes the devid ?!