Possible Brownout?

Need help with this intermittent issue. On a regular basis, we get a mission planner warning “bad compass health” plus spike way down in voltage - almost like the pixhawk is experiencing a brownout. This is a Tarot 680pro hexacopter, 4s 5000mAh battery. Pixhawk is powered by 3DR power module. There is no back up power to the servo rail. I have attached the MP log - you can see the spike down in power at 17:22.

Does anyone know if this is indeed a brownout and would be solved by setting up a 5v bec to the ch8 main out?

Does anyonekknow if the attachment actually opens

Opens fine. The drop in voltage looks a bit weird. Don’t see the bad compass health message.

You should change your BATT_VOLT_MULT to 10.1 - it is incorrectly set. Not the cause of the issues, but causing the voltage to be off a lot.

I’d be concerned that there is an electrical problem with your PIXHAWK and/or GPS/compass module. Maybe contact 3dr for a replacement?