Possible break in latest master

I may have discovered a break in latest master, after loading firmware the RM3100 mag is no longer detected. I have been working with @andyp1per testing fft notch filter and with the latest push to master the 3100 no longer shows up. I went back to an earlier master and it’s all good. I also tried a clean copy of latest master without Andy’s additions and it also can’t find the 3100.

EDIT: @tridge I found the point that the break occurred. At your commit on 2020-04-08-03:04 “Tools: added new RM3100 ID” At this point the RM3100 is not enumerated, I have tried on three different vehicles with i2c RM3100.


Took me awhile but it finally sunk in, the RM3100 dev ID was changed and requires re-allocation of mag order and re-calibration. All is good sorry for the false alarm🤓