Possible 3.5 bug

Just finishing up my boat refit and I may have found a bug. Outputs 4 and 5 on my 3DR Pixhawk 1 are being used to control two different camera pan servo’s. Using option 54 on servo 5 I am able to get a pass through from rc in 4 so both servo’s move with my right stick left and right. However I cannot reverse the servo outputs on output 4 or 5. I am currently using 3.5.0 rc2 though. I really need to reverse output 5 so both cameras move the same direction . I realize many people don’t use outputs 4 - 8 on rovers and wonder if this has gone un noticed or I’m doing something wrong. So basically i’m using outputs 4 and 5 which move with my yaw stick but I cannot reverse the outputs. My problem is output five needs to be reversed so it moves in the same direction as the camera associated with output 4. @rmackay9, @iampete.

This is a similar issue to PWM settings problem?

My understanding is that it is straight pass through, the min, max, trim and revrese parameters have no effect. What comes in on RC 4 comes straight out of servo 5 in your case.

Maybe we could add a new output function to do ‘scalled’ passthrough where the min, max, trim and reverse values are respected.

The fix in your case is to do the reversing in the transmitter if you have a spare channel.

Thanks. I’ll need to think about another solution maybe. I’m using a joystick and computer more than a rc transmitter.

You might try using the gimbla/mount parameters instead of passthrough David. Just for kicks I tried this using a pot on a Taranis as the RC input and then setup Tilt and Roll (doesn’t matter which axis you use) on Servo 4 and 5 with the RC in (ch14 for the pot in my case) as input channel for both. Then configure the reverse buttons where required. Looks like it works on the Servo Output screen in MP.

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Thanks for the heads up. I will look into this after I get the boat out on the water in a few days. I have it working fine with a joystick and either using my RFD 900 or UAVcast for control. Using just my RC transmitter it is still backwards. But your idea seems like it would work.:sunglasses: