Position Hold Problem

I have a strange issue that’s developed recently when using position hold. When changing to position hold from a stable hover, the quad rotor always slowly rotates around the Z axis in a toilet-bowl type effect. I’ve recalibrated the compass and accelerometer multiple times, this seemed to resolve the issue temporarily at first, but now does not have any effect.

I also keep getting the compass variance warning on takeoff, followed by another warning “EKF2 IMU Ground Mag Anomaly”, so I’m wondering if this problem is due to settings or interference related to the IMU.

I’ve attached the data flash log, if anyone has any insights as to what could be causing this, that would be greatly appreciated.
122.BIN (1.4 MB)

  • Jeff

I just performed a compass/motor calibration, and first flight after that position hold worked perfectly, but after landing and changing batteries, position hold went right back to the same problem on the next flight, orbiting around the z axis. This still follows the same pattern, usually if I do a compass calibration, it will fly fine for one flight, then the position hold issue always returns on the next flight after cycling the power, so I think there’s some auto-adjustment setting that’s being applied that’s causing the problem.

Does anyone know any particular new settings or parameters in 3.3 or 3.4 that might be causing this? I think comparing the change logs between 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4 might yield the answer.