Position hold buggy

I was doing a test today to see how 3.5-rc1 flies.

Before takeoff copter had status 4 on GPS. Flight controller is a 3DR Pixhawk. Accelerometer, Compass and Radio calibration done before takeoff.

Took off in Stabilize mode and later switched to Position hold. Copter started to drift to the left. I repositioned it several times until it finally stop drifting. It held it position for several minutes in high winds of about 25-30 miles per hour.

Later I flew it forward and then back. After it flew back it suddenly flew to the right 50 meters. I let it go to see how far it would go. I finally flew it back and it again held it position.

Looked over the logs and did not see anything to explain the sudden change it position.

The sudden change occurred between 171000 and 181000.


Also there are leading zeros on the log file name, 00000354.bin, and the date and time were blank.


I’m pretty sure you aren’t using 3.5-rc1 just based on the log file name. Leading zeros were introduced to master on Feb 14 and rc1 is from Jan 30.

Does it say 3.5-rc1 in the log?

Right, I am using 3.5 dev then. 3.5.1 broke the GPS connection so can’t use that.


Mike, please don’t call it 3.5.1 as that is a very probable future version. We only have 3.5-rc1.

Flying master can give you problems, it’s not a stable version, not even assured to have beta quality.

What do you mean with broke GPS connection? I’m not aware of any GPS issue with 3.5-rc1, please point me to it. Thanks.

The GPS issue is: https://github.com/ArduPilot/ardupilot/issues/5721

I see by looking through the changes that Tridge is making some changes to position hold so maybe that is what the issue is.