POS Horizon Variance and Velocity Variance Errors

Hey guys,

I’m relatively new to robotics, so please excuse my naivety.

I’ve had issues with MP giving me repeated errors “POS Horizon Variance” and “Velocity Variance”. I’ve never heard these prior to upgrading to 3.3, and I cant find any other thread that deals with them. These errors are occasionally accompanied with “Bad or no Terrain Data” and “Bad Compass Health,” but I’ve dealt with those before.

My setup is a 70" wing with a pixhawk, 3DR external gps/mag and airspeed sensor. I’m having this issue on 3 different planes that are setup pretty much identically. I have flown all three in FBWA, AUTO, and RTL, and they seem to operate as normal, but the errors persist.

I assume that there is some setting that is incorrect within our standard setup, but this setup has worked fine for us previous to 3.3

Any input is appreciated, and thanks in advance,

Sorry, I can’t help you but I can say, I have the same problem. I’ve read others do as well but no real solution, at least that I discovered.

I also have problems like that . Have you met its completion ?

POS Variance has to do with your GPS and imu’s not been in sink. Maybe wait more time for a better GPS position or recalibrate your IMU.

The compass variance is your compass not been setup right. Recalibrate it and set the orientation correctly.