Pos Hold and Loiter not working - well kind of . . .

I’ve been having some problems using loiter and pos hold. Alt hold is fine, and with loiter and pos the altitude holds as it should but the aircraft drifts off with the wind. I can stabilise with stick input - and if I initiate and RTL the aircaft will hover accurately at top of descent and in the descent. If I complete an auto mission the A/C will loiter at the end of the mission without issue. It’s only when I select loiter or pos hold via remote (which is tested and working - and I can here the A/C beep when it changes mode) does the problem occur. Log file at https://wetransfer.com/downloads/075bf4cccb6d56a9796a9ff517f8316a20200303062909/b6c5327f46ea57a55e87034ca838e04a20200303062909/fe5310?utm_campaign=WT_email_tracking&utm_content=general&utm_medium=download_button&utm_source=notify_recipient_email

Thanks in advance!

I don’t see any evidence in this Log of being in Loiter Mode and as far as I can tell you don’t have PosHold configured on any Flight mode or channel option.

dkemxr - that log had loiter mode configured as far as I was aware. I’ve now configured loiter on channel 10 and pos hold on channel 5 with the other modes. Will fly today and report back! Cheers and thanks for taking an interest. :slight_smile:

dkemxr - thanks for your suggestion. I think I’ve found the issue. The PWM output for Pos Hold was a little low - below the required threshold. I’ve adjusted the transmitter and now get a clear beep between stabilise and pos. Off to test now - I bet it will work thanks to your input. Cheers, David.

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Happy to help David. Post another log if you have a continuing problem.

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