Porting Ardupilot to android smartphones

As android smart phones are Linux based, many of them have the needed sensors, most of people already have them, they have enough processing power and memory and many are supported by systems like lineageos where are easily customizable, so I think it would be great if Ardupilot can have android/HAL or even just lineageos/HAL and be able to run on android phones.

For servos/esc & RC communication a simple arduino board can be connected over USB or bluetooth, GCS can be connected over wifi.

I think we can have like lineageOS patches to run ardupilot, or maybe just a custom recovery image with the needed libraries can be enough without affecting the main android system.

What do you think about this?
Has any worked on a such project?

What do you - the ardupilot developer - advise on this if you don’t have the time to do it yourself? How do you think this should be done? Any recommendation or so on if someone else is interested to work on it?


It can be interesting but it should be its one fork as it will need enormous effort be bring up and maintain … Dealing with the differents hardwares support by android is a big task, and I don’t think ArduPilot will engage itself on this way.

Android is Android, it isn’t Linux based… It use the kernel but with modifications. And Linageos doesn’t have a release yet.

Gee @khancyr thanks for letting me know that my LineageOS OnePlus has no OS… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes there are release versions of LineageOS