Polygon > From SHP broken with new update?

Is anyone else having issues importing a SHP file for a polygon in the new version of MissionPlanner (1.3.79 build 1.3.8375.24878)?

I was able to import them without issue using the last version, but now I get a large error starting with “System.IO.FileLoadException: Could not load file or assembly”.

Maybe this will help. This is the error that gets generated when I try to import a SHP - the line that references “C:\Users\mich1” isn’t my computer or name which is pretty confusing.

The same issue without answer, until now.

please try latest beta

Thanks Michael!

I updated to the beta through the Help menu (version build 1.3.8410.19823) and the error still pops up but is slightly different:

Any updates on this issue Michael?

Two week thread bump - this feature still appears to be broken