Pololu linear actuator with feedback for driver development (closed)

Topic: Pololu linear actuator with feedback for driver development

Proposal type: Hardware [x]


Linear actuators are an import hardware component for rovers and boats with uses including controlling steering mechanisms, vehicle height (aka active suspension), hatches and docking mechanisms. I would like AP to fund the purchase of a single actuator with feedback so that I can write a driver and then document (wiki, video) how they can be used with AP.

The driver would provide both rate and position control of the actuator.

The specific actuator I’m thinking of is this one from pololu.com. Pololu - Glideforce GF23-120512-3-65 High-Speed LD Linear Actuator with Feedback: 12kgf, 12" Stroke (11.8" Usable), 3.3"/s, 12V

Planned amount $$ (USD): $200

Estimated time for completion: 2 months

I support this proposal, assuming @rmackay9 still wants it

Thanks for bringing this up.

I do want to add linear actuator support for ArduPilot and I think this is probably the most commonly used one but PeterB pointed out that the interface is not great.

I think I will look around more for one with a digital interface and re-raise this request.